Scientific Theories

Dr. Mohammad Ali Taheri has offered novel theories during the past thirty years of research in various fields that have proved useful to researchers. Some of his theories include:


1. Interuniversalism
2. “Consciousness bond” or “Parts having consciousness in common” theory (the basis of Iranian complementary and alternative treatment methods of Faradarmani and Psymentology)
3. The theory of consciousness field
4. The theory of behavior of particles in consciousness field
5. The theory of consciousness immunity
6. The theory of consciousness contamination
7. The theory of defying the role of genes as a barrier or a hindering factor in treating incurable diseases
8. The theory of reparability of different parts of human existence
9. The theory of brain function
10. The theory of consciousness disorders
11. The theory of consciousness copying and transfer
12. The theory of consciousness cloning of cellular data or consciousness-based metastasis
13. The theory of sub-DNA reactors (detectors or revealers of the vital force)
14. The theory of intelligence transfer of information (transmission of [cellular] information via consciousness)
15. The theory of cosmic internet, switching, and recovery
16. The theory of consciousness-based repair in the software-based constituents of body in Faradarmani
17. The theory of consciousness coherence and compatibility, and its effect on organ transplant rejection
18. The theory of non-organic viruses as factors causing mental and psychological illnesses
19. The theory of Psymentology or mind-psychology with an Interuniversalistic viewpoint, which is a complementary and alternative medicine for treating mental and psychological illnesses
20. Mono-form universe theory
21. The theory of being in coherence with the universe and defining illnesses that arise from being incoherent
22. The theory of corporeal coherence (equilibrium between an individual’s existential bodies) and defining illnesses that arise from their incoherence
23. The theory of secondary nervous system or astral body system
24. The theory of parallel universes (identical and non-identical)
25. The theory of Zehni (mental) and Fara-zehni (ultra-mental) sensors (receptors)
26. The theory of distinguishing between IQ (intelligence quotient) and WQ (wisdom quotient) and defining the essence of intelligence, logic and memory
27. The theory of consciousness and anti-consciousness, axis of existence, and identifying the axis of existence through reversing (playing back) the individual’s speech
28. The theory of balancing ion and electron exchange in the human body via the Interuniversal Consciousness
29. The theory of man’s collective soul and exerting positive effects in the collective soul via
the Interuniversal Consciousness
30. Theory of an innovative definition of addiction (human habits) and rehabilitation
31. Theory of innovative perspective on behavioral pathology and practical methods of solving familial and social issues