Mohammad Ali Taheri


It has been more than three decades since the foundation of Erfan-e Halqeh (Interuniversal Mysticism or Halqeh Mysticism) and its subdivisions, including the two complementary and alternative medicines of “Faradarmani” and “Psymentology,” by Master Dr. Mohammad Ali Taheri in Iran.

Currently about 30,000 trainers are teaching the concepts of this pathway inside Iran and around the globe, and there are millions of people who are familiar with and users of its practical applications.

In Faradarmani, treatment of physical, psychological, and psychosomatic diseases are considered, whereas Psymentology considers the treatment of mental, mentosomatic (mental mind and soma-body) and mind-psyche-body illnesses in a unique manner.

These methods are described based on the theory of “Consciousness Bond” or “Parts sharing consciousness.” According to this theory, when a link is established between the “whole” consciousness (The Interuniversal Consciousness) and the consciousness of a “part” [a human being], the whole consciousness -via the consciousness of the mind- is capable of correcting, repairing and curing the mind, psyche, and body, thus healing and recovery will take place. Consciousness of the “parts” includes the consciousness of countless different constituents that comprise a human being. The “whole” consciousness (The Interuniversal Consciousness) is the awareness or intelligence governing the universe.

Master Dr. Mohammad Ali Taheri has introduced these methods and their education by publishing books and articles, holding educational classes, and training instructors in this science for the past two decades.

Note that the research fields and activities of Interuniversal Mysticism are not limited to complementary and alternative medicine, but include fields such as mysticism, philosophy, social sciences, physics, and astronomy.