Eight books and numerous articles have been published by Dr. Mohammad Ali Taheri and more books are being prepared for publishing (It is estimated to reach around 130 titles).

The already published books are:

1.Halqeh Mysticism” (or Interuniversal Mysticism) (English translation available). This book has been republished eight times in Farsi, each publication having sold 10,000 to 15,000 copies. The book explains the general and specific principles of the Halqeh Mysticism.


English translation PDF: Halqeh-Mysticism

2.Human From Another Outlook (English translation available),” which has been republished nine times in Farsi, each publication having sold 10,000 copies in Iran. This book focuses on presenting the basis of the complementary and alternative medicine of “Faradarmani” and has been translated and published twice in English [two versions]; an Arabic copy is also available. Russian, French, and German translations are in progress.


English translation PDF: Human-From-Another-Outlook-Last-Edition

3.The Human Worldview” (English translation available). In this book you will find some of the most important principles and regulations of the universe that the author has acknowledged.


English translation PDF: Human-Worldview

4.Non-organic Viruses (English translation available)”, Create Space, 2011. The book contains considered and relevant theories about non -organic beings and summarizes the last three decades’ clinical trials in hopes that, with further research in scientific and medical institutions, we can relieve a considerable amount of humankind’s suffering. In addition, this book develops the appropriate understanding and worldview to prevent humankind from making mistakes that put our physical and spiritual life at risk both as individuals and as a society.

193950712XEnglish translation PDF: Non-Organic-Beings

5.Human and Insight”, Create Space, 2011 (Farsi)
6.A Collection of Articles”, Create Space, 2011 (Farsi)
7.Faradarmani”, Create Space, 2011 (Farsi)
8.Management from an Interuniversalistic Perspective”, 2012 (Farsi)