History of Psymentology

History of Psymentology As Stated By the Founder

“Psymentology” or “Interuniversal Mind-Psychology” has been founded by the author (Mohammad Ali Taheri) thirty years ago. It has passed its experimental phases quite successfully during the past two decades, and has been introduced to scientific societies as “Psymentology” during the past seven years.

According to the founder’s statement: “The cause for establishing such a field is my encounters with the truths and facts of existence which was excessively attracting my attention since I was a child; pondering over Where do we come from? Where are we heading and going to? Why are we here? Who is the creator? What has He made the creation for? What is the outcome of this creation? Who is mankind? What are the possible ways to come close to Him and get to know Him? How are man’s potential powers activated? What are life and death? and so on.

It means I had a great enthusiasm -relentlessly conquering my mind- to comprehend the existing universe and to discover mysteries and secrets of creation. Then on November 1st 1978 and all of a sudden, I was exposed to some mental inspirations and revelations, following these inspirations some dimensions of the existence and human being were revealed that led me to the understanding that there is an immense Awareness and Consciousness governing the world of existence. Similar to a “Cosmic Internet“, this all-encompassing consciousness has covered up all its constituent elements and subsets by intelligence/consciousness.

This revelation not only included the theoretical concepts, but also the applied information and instructions on the practical use of the Cosmic Internet. Therefore the way of making practical use of such an Internet was the due reason for establishing fields such as Faradarmani, Psymentology.

Interuniversalism or Interuniversal mentality is a consequence of such revelation. Based on Interuniversalism, mankind must expand his thought as vast as the entire existence, viewing life from a wider viewpoint and figuring out his/her own unique position within existence.”