Few Of Psymentology Theories

Some of The Theories Proposed by Psymentology
“Theory of Nonorganic Viruses”

One of the most indispensable theories in Psymentology is the “Nonorganic Viruses Theory”. According to this theory, mankind is encountered with viruses that could affect his mind, body and psyche; infiltrate in man’s diverse existing constituents and data files, having them contaminated with parasites and derangements. When such parasites occupy the Mind data files, they consequently would bring about all kinds of hallucinations, abnormal behaviors and unusual drives.

In Psymentology, through resolving the symptoms of this contamination as well as purifying the patient from nonorganic viruses, we are able to eliminate them and their subsequent complications. During the past few decades numerous successful experiences have been carried out proving the afore-mentioned theory.

It is worth mentioning that the term “Nonorganic Viruses” is applied to beings that are void of any organic or material aspect, whose unidentified form is not amassed with any atoms or molecules. At least and for the moment, they do not possess any physical or comprehensibly tangible form. As a result, and due to the lack of any bodily or identified structure, the world of science is not capable of identifying or tracing them. Thus, for now the only possible way of identifying them and removing their associated disorders is through experimental and empirical evidence. This might seem quite bizarre and unbelievable at first glance, just as Dr. Koch and Dr. Pasteur used to be ridiculed when they spoke of “bacteria”, nevertheless their existence were gradually proved [For details please refer to the book “Nonorganic Viruses”, M.A. Taheri].

“Theory of Consciousness Field”

1- Particle Behavior in Consciousness Field

Each and every particle is influenced by a variety of fields such as gravitational, electromagnetic, and so on, whereas in Psymentology, another field is introduced named “The Consciousness Field“. For now this field can be identified only through experience. Within such a field, each particle is a function of its superior consciousness. In such a field the overall behavior of particles varies from their behavior in other fields. Capabilities such as conformability, decomposability and composition (reparability) are achieved in such a field.

2- Software Behavior in the Consciousness Field

a- Software Repair/Correction

The existential software-based programs of human, animal and plant are all repairable in a new Consciousness Field and via (exposure to) the consciousness field. An example is applying the consciousness field for correcting sleep patterns.

b– Software Compatibility

In a consciousness field, the existential software-based programs are also capable of conforming and gaining coherence with the new consciousness field. One of the consequences of software compatibility in a consciousness field is “Consciousness Immunity“. (For details please refer to the book “Faradarmani”, M.A. Taheri)

“Theory of Consciousness Contamination”

Based on one of the theories of Psymentology, human psychological states and temperaments generate Non-physical Radiations or in other words “Consciousness Radiation” that is neither a wave nor a particle. This positive or negative radiation can leave positive or negative impacts upon others. That is why we feel diverse pleasant or unpleasant sensations when meeting different people.

However, the important issue in this regard, is the possible contagion of various disorders via negative consciousness radiation. In a sense, when the psychological body is producing negative radiation, this radiation could contaminate and involve others, affecting them as well. As an example, those who are in contact with depressed people are bound to feel depressed after a while. Among the groups seriously exposed to radiation contamination, we can list: psychologists, psychotherapists, dentists, hypnotists, and lawyers.

“Theory of Brain Function”

In Psymentology, the brain is considered as a collection of antennas which transmits the information received from the different internal and external senses of the physical body to different bodies of the human existence such as Mental body (Mind/Zehn), Emotional body (Psychological body or psyche), Astral body and so on and also receives information from these bodies and translates them into the language of the physical body.

Note: Issues explained within this introduction are just meant to serve as an introductory presentation of Psymentology. The very core issues of this field of study are elaborately dealt with in a book being published, which will hopefully be soon available to the researchers and all those interested.