The organization of the National Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) has classified C.A.M. into five categories. Faradarmani falls under the fourth category of mind-body intervention and the subcategory of mental treatment. As a qualitative method of treatment, Faradarmani recognizes the essence of man and takes action to improve the condition of the patient without any kind of intervention in the quantitative process of treatment (classic conventional medicine) or any hardware manipulation. Hardware means the treatments applied physically such as surgery, physiotherapy, massage therapy, or any other similar method in which devices are implemented.

Faradarmani is a type of complementary and alternative therapy that is considered as a subdivision of Interuniversal Mysticism. This doctrine with a 30-year history is based on perceptual revelations [stemming from direct insights]. The name of Faradarmani was applied to this type of treatment because it originates from a meta-holistic view called “Interuniversalism”.

In this type of therapy, the patient becomes connected or linked (Connection) to the Interuniversal Consciousness (the network of awareness and consciousness governing the universe – Divine Intelligence) via the Fara-therapist.

Following this procedure the patient undergoes the Scanning process [in other words the Interuniversal Consciousness begins to assess and scan the individual]; and while the patient states some information on the process of his connection in the form of: seeing colors, lights, feeling activity and movement of some kind of energy throughout the body, feeling heat, pain, sharp aches, pulsations, twitching or convulsions, and so on., the defective and distressed parts of the body are revealed. In this way the patient goes through the so-called Scanning process, and by eliminating the symptoms, the treatment process initiates.

Scanning means that the patient’s entire existence is scrutinized by [the metaphoric magnifying lens of] the Interuniversal Consciousness, which [categorically] reveals the patient’s past and current illness records. Scanning takes place in a holistic manner affecting all aspects of one’s body, psyche, and mind. Sometimes during scanning, certain symptoms appear that indicate the body’s susceptibility to a particular disease that could emerge and become apparent in the future. For example, the occurrence of tremors may be a sign of one’s susceptibility to Parkinson’s disease. Pain in the heart area or the occurrence of abnormal heartbeats without any past history of heart disease, indicates certain heart problems that will be healed and eliminated following the scanning process.

Once the patient’s record of illnesses is activated, the stage of Externalization begins. These files could be related to any of the existential elements of the patient, such as body, psyche, mind, and so on. For a deep-rooted treatment to take place, the patient must have patience and allow these Externalizations to be finished.

The term Externalization refers to a process in which the symptoms of diseases and history of the illnesses are externalized and revealed. The history of illnesses might even go back to the embryonic or childhood stages and may include the current obvious diseases, current but undetected illnesses, hidden fears, emotional stresses and psychological obstacles, mental disorders, and so on.

In Faradarmani, for curing the human being, attention is directed toward all his existential constituents simultaneously, and he, as a whole, comes into contact with the Interuniversal Consciousness. Then according to the Interuniversal Consciousness’s discretion, the necessary actions take place for eliminating the disorders of different constituents, and the patient progresses through the different stages of the treatment.

    Note: This discipline can be effective for treating all types of illnesses, and the Fara-therapist is not permitted to assume any particular type of illness as incurable. The reason is that the treatment is performed by the Interuniversal Consciousness Network, and not by the Faratherapist. Therefore, from the perspective of Interuniversal Consciousness, cure and elimination of any disorder is easily possible.

    Note: The Interuniversal Consciousness is the collection of consciousness, wisdom, or intelligence governing the world of existence, which is also called Awareness, and is one of the three existing elements of the universe. These elements are: Matter, Energy, and Awareness. In the view that awareness is neither matter nor energy, the dimensions of time and space do not apply to it; therefore, treatment via this network is possible from short and long distances. Also, awareness does not possess quantity, is not measurable, and as it was explained, it is only through some indicative manifestations on the patient’s body that the consciousness’s point of effect is revealed. Therefore, the therapist cannot attribute any of its power to himself.

    Note: In view of the above explanation, it is clear that treatment does not depend on the expertise or energy of the Fara-therapist, and there is no need for having any special kind of talent, power, and energy. Because the treatment is conducted by a much higher consciousness, the practitioner’s personal abilities have no effect on the therapy. Consequently, the Fara-therapist does not encounter any complication such as tiredness or physical exhaustion, and there is no need to compensate for energy from natural and other resources.

    Note: For the patient, treatment serves as a mystical (Erfan-based) journey for his spiritual transformation, because in this doctrine, physical healing without a constructive inner evolution fails to deliver the necessary values. Patient’s linkage to the Interuniversal Divine Consciousness directs his attention toward an intelligent source and establishes the grounds for inner spiritual awakening.

    Note: Age, gender, level of education, studies, knowledge, spiritual and different mental experiences and trainings, personal abilities and talents, the type and style of nutrition, physical exercise, rigorous self-discipline and abstinence, and so on have absolutely no effect on interacting with the Interuniversal Consciousness.

    Note: The Fara-therapist is completely disarmed from his personal abilities and talents, and carries out the therapy without possessing any means or method that he could attribute to himself. The treatment is only carried out via the linkage of Connection, which has been passed on and entrusted to him along with the protective layer. Accordingly; in this therapy no type of concentration, imagination and visualization, mantra and chanting, drawing any symbols and signs, prompting suggestions and inculcation, self-hypnosis methods and so on are not used.