Faradarmani Syllabi

The Halqeh (Interuniversal) Mysticism Courses

Erfan-e Halgheh began its official activities in January 2007 as a NGO under the authorization of the National Youth Organization. Its activities included holding educational mysticism classes and healing patients.

National Youth Organization License

National Youth Organization License

The Interuniversal Mysticism Institute of Culture and Arts offers a curriculum of comprehensive educational courses established by Mohammad Ali Taheri that are currently being taught by his educated masters (instructors) around the world. The courses are in total 10 terms; each term consisting of 6 weekly sessions which last between 2 to 2:30 hours each.

The first term focuses on Faradarmani while the other 9 terms embrace various topics such as: Psymentology, Defensive Radiation, mind management, Psymphasis with the universe, Psymphasis with time, Dual Behavior Scan, removal of negative memories and emotions, management of character traits, etc.

Each Halqeh Mysticism session generally consists of two parts:

  • Theoretical part
  • Practical part

During the theoretical part which normally takes around 95 percent of each session’s time, predefined syllables are taught by the master (instructor). A master is a person who has finished terms one to five and, after doing so, has attended mastering course for each term separately (six weeks per term). Upon completion of each course, s/he has received “mastering certificate”.

The master’s role is to teach the predefined syllabus with accuracy, integrity and trusteeship; to answer participant’s questions based on the doctrine’s teachings; and to vouchsafe the new connections (to the Interuniversal Consciousness) to participants each session (practical part of each session).

The practical part of each session involves establishing different connections to the Interuniversal Consciousness Network (Cosmic Internet). These connections vary from one session to another as each connection is related to the theoretical teachings of that session and has its own purpose. Thus, normally, a new connection is introduced, vouchsafed and started by the master during each session. And, from the time that an instructor starts a new connection, the participant can use it whenever and wherever they wish without informing the instructor. The connections may be used at the beginning, middle or end of each session (flexible) and they normally last between 10-15 minutes (due to time restriction inside the class).

Participants are also required to use these connections outside the classroom (at home/work/etc) on a daily basis, and to routinely note down their experiences and changes to be able to report them in the coming classroom session. (Writing notes is not obligatory and does have any impact on the treatment/development process, however, it is recommended to help participants remember their experiences and enables them to evaluate the trend of their changes).

Faradarmani Syllabi
  • Interuniversal Consciousness Network
  • Reality and truth of existence
  • The virtual world
  • Definition of Ettesal
  • The purpose of Faradarmani
  • Definition of vital force
  • Definition of polarity force
  • Faradarmani and organ transplant
  • Important principles is Faradarmani
  • Faradarmani’s effect in curing depression
  • Faradarmani diagrams and reasons for relapse of illness
  • Life span coefficient
  • Subconscious software
  • Definition of Interuniversalism