Faradarmani Academic Contracts

Faradarmani Academic Agreements, Contracts, and Certificates

Below agreements were signed as examples of the delivery of Faradarmani training in scientific and academic centers:

A. Signing a contract for scientific cooperation for delivery of Faradarmani and Psymentology complementary medical courses in the Open Education Center of Tehran University (according to an official agreement) and issuing participation certificates to the students.

These classes were launched at Veterinary Faculty of Tehran University, and continued for 3 months and approximately 3,500 people attended.

A Sample of Faradarmani Certificate issued by Tehran University:

Tehran Univerity Faradarmani Certificate

B. Signing a contract for research, scientific, and educational cooperation with the University of Medical Sciences and Tehran Health and Treatment Services (previously known as Iran University), issuing certificates for participation in open education for these complementary medical courses, and awarding Master of Faradarmani Certificates from this university.

The classes were held in 2 groups of 1100 people each at the Razi conference hall of Iran Medical Science University in May 2009. The second session coincided with the disputed presidential elections of 2009, and the university intelligence used this as an excuse to close Taheri’s classes. Nevertheless, with the efforts of Dr. Tofighiyyan, Deputy of Iran Medical Science University, the course continued as far-distance learning.    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jmbxtexRCA0&feature=related

A sample of Psymentology Certificate issued by Iran Medical Science University

sample of Psymentology Certificate issued by Iran Medical Science University

C. After three years of continual research in this university, which is a member of the European Union, the two subjects of Faradarmani and Psymentology were recognized as Iranian complementary and alternative medicines, and a contract was signed between the Interuniversal Mysticism and the University of Complementary Medicine of Armenia. The university established faculties for these subjects and began educational and research activities, including registering students (distant learning also available), and issuing certificates and degrees in this field.

D. In an agreement between Interuniversal Mysticism and the International Eco-energy Academy of Azerbaijan, a contract was signed with the Scientific Manufacturing Association (Gunesh) to increase cooperation in research in the complementary and alternative treatment methods of Faradarmani and Psymentology. According to the scope of this contract, the parties agreed to engage in extensive research cooperation and issue educational degrees at various stages up to and including the PhD.