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Mohammad Ali Taheri was born in March 21, 1956 in Kermanshah, Iran. In his childhood he was very curious about his environment. There were so many questions in his mind and he was following up  the  answers  eagerly;  but  the infinite  space  and  the  stars  were  attacked  his  astonished  mind  more  than anything else, so that he used to staring at the stars at nights and name each of them according  to  the  special  meaning  that  they  had  for  him.  He  had an  indescribable  desire  for  discovering  the  stars and their cause, so that it led to designing and making airplanes to get closer to the stars when  his was a teenager.

After  his  primary  school  he  moved  to  Tehran  to  continue  his  studying.  At  the  same  time  his  enthusiasm for designing airplanes was growing on and on. For this purpose he began to study the  limited scientific books and journals to find a solution for his burning desire  and  an answer for the  questions which his teachers could not give the answer.

His interest in aircraft industry led to designing a controlled aircraft while he was only 13 years old  and  to  be  encouraged  by  his  relatives  and  friends.   Since  then,  he  intensified  his  efforts  on  the aircraft making and he successfully made a helicopter in the yard of his house when he was 16. This  invention created some troubles for his family related to the Security and Intelligence Service of Iran  (SAVAK)  which  they  believed  that  it  is impossible  that  a  school  boy  design  such  a  precise  and  detailed scheme. Consequently, they called his mother for some explanation and interrogated her to understand the purpose of  making this aircraft and make clear that  if there is any foreign country behind  this  incidence.  Finally,  after  long  investigation  and  presenting  the  “Dictionary  of  Aviation Technical Terms” written by him, the SAVAK experts have convinced that he has a special ingenuity. Therefore,  he  was  able  to  continue  his  research  and  as  a  result,  he  built  a  kite  and  experienced several flights.

Mohammadali-taheri-airplaneThe first National Exhibition of Youth Innovators and Inventors
Mohammad Ali Taheri with his schemes and remote controlled airplane – 1976

In  1976,  he  participated  in  the  first  National  Exhibition  of  Youth  Innovators  and  Inventors  by designing and making remote controlled airplane which merely needed fuel for take-off and landing, and several scheme of aircrafts including the world’s first vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft and won the first prize of the competition in technology and inventions.

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