35th UN Human Rights Council Meeting, Xenophobia

35th UN Human Rights Council Meeting, Xenophobia Against Mr Taheri

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35th Human Rights Council, UN, Geneva
June 20, 2017

Sudwind NGO Shole Zamani delivered a speech about the case of Mohammad Ali Taheri at #HRC35 during item 8 debate on #xenophobia & related forms of intolerance.

As part of her speech Ms Zamani stated:

“The hate speeches against Mr Taheri and his followers are continuing.

In the official television of the Islamic republic of Iran in a documentary Mr Taheri and his followers like Ms Sara Saei who is present here were named as the “Satan’s ring” instead of the mysticism ring as they call themselves.

In the same documentary one of the interviewers asked for his execution.

The documentary which was broadcast the very day after Mr Taheri’s trial was broadcast from different state TV channels. ”

UN link, minute 1.23:

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