Mohammad ALi Taheri amnesty

Ninety Ninth Demonstration Of Supporters And Family Of Mohammad Ali Taheri In Toronto

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“We are here to stand in solidarity with Mr. Mohammad Ali Taheri who has been in solitary confinement for more than six years, solely for exercising his peaceful right in spiritual teachings.

Mohammad Ali Taheri is a  prisoner of conscience and only demands that he be granted his freedom so that he can live in peace with his broken-hearted family.

Mr. Taheri wants nothing more than to live without the constant injustices that he faces on a daily basis.

Mr. Taheri has gone so far to state that he wants nothing more but to bring peace and love, and will forgive and forget all the injustice and unlawful treatments in return for his freedom so that he can live in peace.

Mr. Taheri demands the judiciary authorities enact the constitution of Iran and enforce his prosecution”s discontinuance.

Keeping him in prison is unlawful, and we are his voice for justice and human rights.

We demand all human rights organizations to call on  Iranian authorities to release Mohammad Ali Taheri immediately and unconditionally.

We are all Taheri!

Free Master Taheri!”

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