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Ninety Eighth Demonstration Of Supporters And Family Of Mohammad Ali Taheri In Toronto

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“Today is ninety eight times we come here for the peaceful gathering of family, students and supporters of Mohammad Ali Taheri in solidarity with this innocent spiritual teacher.

Mr Taheri’s mother, Ezat Taheri, started this peaceful campaign and protest on August 2015. She pursued her son’s case with all human rights organizations until her last breath and sadly passed away in Feb 2017 without  seeing her son.

Mohammad Ali Taheri is a prisoner of conscience who has been detained solely for the peaceful exercise of his rights: to freedom of belief and  expression.

Mohammad Ali Taheri has been in Solitary confinement based on false accusations for more than 6 years. The initial unjust sentences that had been imposed on him  should have ended on Feb 2016. However, by creating a new case for the same false accusations, his detention was extended without any legal order and his release has so far been prevented.

The prosecution’s discontinuance was issued on July 2016. He has been acquitted  of all charges, and it has been finalized.

He was supposed to have been freed by now but interrogators have made up new charges against him when he has already spent more than six years in solitary confinement. keeping him in prison is unlawful, against constituent of Iran and a gross violation of human rights.

Mohammad Ali Taheri and his legal team’s defense wrote 55 pages of defenses on December  2016 and asked to release him and carry out the order of Prosecution’s Discontinuance.

On  March 2017 another court hearing was held for Mohammad Ali Taheri with the same false accusations and again another court session will be held  after Ramadan for the last defense which  is meaningless  because he is being tried twice for the same false accusations and he is been put in jeopardy that is against the constituent of Iran and human rights. Unlawful repeating of the scenario from the beginning is hindering the legal actions to free Mr Taheri.

We demand the judiciary authorities to make an independent ruling without interference from the security organization and take urgent action to release Mr Taheri.

We demand Amnesty International to keep calling on the Iranian authorities and urge them to release Mohammad Ali Taheri immediately and unconditionally.

Please let’s stand together & be his voice

We are all Taheri’s voice!  We are all Taheri!

Free Master Taheri!”

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