Ahmed Shaheed report, 2 of Mohammad Ali taheri's students

Name of Two of Taheri’s Students in UN Special Rapporteur’ Report

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Source: Canadian Association for Rights and Truth

The name of Mohammad Ali Taheri as well as two of his students, Dariush Adeem and Sara Saei, are once again mentioned in the March 2016 report from the UN special rapporteur on human rights in Iran.

The Iranian scholar, and spirituality teacher Mohammad Ali Taheri has spent the last five years in prison. Despite the decision for confinement being issued, finished, Mohammad Ali Taheri remains in solitary confinement. Since his arrest, Mohammad Ali Taheri’s students and supporters all around the world, including Iran, have been protesting and showing their unconditional support to their teacher. A number of his supporters in Iran have been arrested for showing their support to Taheri during peaceful protests, and have received prison sentences themselves.

In March 2016, a report by Mr. Ahmed Shaheed about the situation of human rights in Iran has been issued: it is also reported that Sara Saei and Dariush Adeem, two students of Mr. Taheri, has been arrested by Iranian authorities for supporting their teacher.

83. Ms. Sara Saei, a student and follower of Mr. Mohammad Taheri, participated in several peaceful gatherings convened on Saturdays and Mondays to protest against the unlawful arrests of human and civil rights activists and advocate for them. She was arrested by plainclothes agents on 21 November 2015 when she was participating in a gathering in front of Evin Prison to protest against arrest of Mr. Taheri. Authorities reportedly informed her of her charge, disturbing public order, immediately after her arrest. She was transferred to Ward 2-A of Evin Prison and kept in a solitary confinement for four nights. Her interrogators reportedly demanded information about the organizers of the gatherings and her ideas and personal beliefs. She was asked to sign a promissory note to avoid gatherings and assemblies. She was later transferred to Gharchak Prison in Varmin and released on bail. She was not allowed to contact her family until she was transferred to Gharchak Prison.

84. Mr. Dariush Adeem, a student and follower of Mr. Mohammad Taheri, was arrested on 15 August 2015 by four plainclothes men believed to be Revolutionary Guard agents after participating in a gathering in support of Mr. Taheri. He was handcuffed, blindfolded, and taken to Dastgerd Prison in Esfahan, where he lives. Mr. Adeem was reportedly beaten and subject to ill-treatment during the first three days of interrogations. Four days after his, he was informed of his charges, which included “disturbing the public order” but was not allowed to access to a lawyer. He was released on bail 11 days after his arrest but twice summoned for questioning and pressured to disclose the identities of the assembly organizers and followers of Mr. Taheri. He left Iran in October 2015.119

Access the full version of the report: here.

Mohamad Ali Taheri Case (April 2nd, 2016)

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