Being categorized amidst other fields in Complementary and Alternative Medicine (C.A.M) of Iran, and concerning the mind-psychology of mankind, Psymentology has an Interuniversalist* perspective on the human being with an all inclusive approach. Mind and psyche, each is considered as a separate concept in Psymentology each comprising a certain part of an individual. This subject also includes the treatment of mental and psychological disorders.

Psymentology’s Objective

The main target of Psymentology is understanding and gaining knowledge about human being and the constituent software of human existence, the diagnosis and treatment of psymental disorders (psycho-mental; refers to psychological and mental), as well as unknown and unidentified problems. These objectives can be further clarified as sub-classes below:

  1. Self-exploration [the process of understanding or gaining knowledge of the self] in order to truly find the human’s status in the universe and to recognize the software-based constituents of human existence.
  2. Providing a precise description of human being; his spiritual development and transcendence, completeness and so on.
  3. Assisting mankind to attain the best quality of: a. Well being, b. Well doing, c.Well having, d. Well thinking
  4. Diagnosis of psymental disorders along with their software-based resolution.
  5. Presenting new definitions for psymental maladies, diagnosis and differentiation between normality and abnormality.

Psymentology: General Principles

  1. Human possesses an infinite number of interrelated constituents. Likewise, any method that intends to analyze man must have an Interuniversalistic approach to be able to all-inclusively and consistently explore the infinite existing numbers of his interrelated constituents.
  2. In order to know man’s philosophy of existence, his essence and his true status in the ecosystem**, there is a need to lucidly illustrate and interpret his behavior, personality and other related descriptions. Having this important point in mind, Psymentology pays special attention to the comprehension of man’s place in the ecosystem.
  3. Man’s mind, psyche, physique and other constituent elements of his existence are all considered integrated and interrelated, whereas separating them apart would only result in erroneous consequences.

Considering that Psymentology is an Interuniversalistic doctrine, each and every internal and external factor contributing to man’s behavior is studied all together inclusively in Psymentology.

General Subjects of Psymentology

The subjects of Psymentology fall into two general categories:

  1. Theoretical

*Definitions of the constituents of human existence as well as understanding the blueprint of man’s existential setup.                                                                                                                                                                                  *Understanding man’s status in the ecosystem                                                                                                            *Recognition of (the software-based) psymental disorders and psychosis and methods of recovery.                          *Analyzing the complications regarding mental perceptions, psychological drives/emotions, and the resulting behavioral phenomena.

  1. Practical

Includes all the prevention methods/procedures for removing psymental impairment sand other unidentified disorders.

Psymentology’s Approach and Process

Psymentology or Interuniversal Mind-Psychology is a framework in which the treatment is achieved through a software-based approach, without any hardware interventions or manipulations. By hardware we mean the treatments applied physically such as pharmaceutical, invasive & surgical, physiotherapy, massage treatments, or any other similar method in which utensils and devices are to be applied.

On the contrary, by software interventions we mean only those therapeutic applications related to the existential software embedded in man, away from any pharmaceutical, operational or other similar treatments and without resorting to any technique in order to examine and resolve the patients’ ailments.

Although psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and so on are classified as software interventions; none of them are applied in Psymentology. In fact, Psymentology is not technique-based; in this approach the probing and the removal of any software disorder would be achievable with the aid of the Interuniversal Consciousness Network. In this way, Psymentology is vividly distinguished from other common psychology and psychiatry therapies.

Psymentology seeks to understand mankind and the constituent software of his existence, and also to cure man’s unidentified mental conflicts by serving as a Complementary & Alternative Medicine (C.A.M) in helping those who are troubled.