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106th Demonstration Of Supporters And Family Of Mohammad Ali Taheri In Toronto

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Text of deceleration:
“Once more, we are here for the 106th times to keep the flame of hope alive , and  speak up for Mr. Taheri.

The purpose of this weeks’ gathering is to raise awareness and gain support of international communities to fight against the prejudice and injustices against,  Mohammad Ali Taheri, who lacks the ability to have his voice heard by the world.

Mr Taheri is a researcher, a theorist, an inventor and a spiritual teacher. His spiritual teachings bring nothing but the values of, love, peace and unity, for millions of truth seekers. Mr. Taheri faces ongoing brutality, and is in solitary confinement,  for over 6 years,  solely for his insightful teachings that has led him to live with  an uncertain future.

As dual, Canadian- Iranian citizens, and Canadians as a whole, we are desperately concerned about Mr Taheri’s uncertain future, and condemn all years of immoral and unlawful treatments toward him. Although, all international human rights organizations have been supporting Mr Taheri, as a prisoner of conscious, whose rights have been violated many times, he urgently needs help, again!

As human rights activists and supporters we stand together collectively and will be his  voice until he has own, and say, that

We are all Taheri’s !
Free Professor Taheri !”

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