Taheri’s Name As One Of L’Humanité Five Innocents Condemned To Death

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Source: L’Humanité


L’Humanité French daily newspaper names five innocents condemned to death, one of which is “Mohammad Ali Taheri”

Mohammad Ali Taheri, Iran “A spreader of corruption” The Iranian Mohammad Ali Taheri was condemned to death on 1 August 2015 for “spreading corruption on Earth”. The founder of the spiritualist group, Erfan e Halgheh, was criticised for teaching theories considered as “insults to the sacred values of Islam”. He is a follower of “cosmic consciousness” and alternative medicine. In 2006, he, quite legally, opened a cultural and academic institute to promote his doctrine and offer “healing sessions”. According to Amnesty International, which considers him a prisoner of conscience, the judgement of the Tehran Islamic Revolutionary Court is “is based on the same spiritual teachings and practices which were relied upon in October 2011 to convict him of several offences […] and to sentence him to five years’ imprisonment, 74 lashes and a fine of nine billion rials (US$300,000)”. Mohammad Ali Taheri would fall victim to pressure exerted by the Pasdaran (The Army of the Guardians of the Islamic Revolution) on the Iranian judicial system. He is currently held in isolation in Tehran in the sinister Evin prison. [1] DR

[1You will find Amnesty’s “Take Action” page for Mohammad Ali Taheri HERE and other appeals, such as that for Ali Mohammed Al Nimr, by clicking the “Take Action Now” link.

Read full article here: http://www.humaniteinenglish.com/spip.php?article2892

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