Several Videos Of Peaceful Demonstrations In Front Of Notorious Evin Prison

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The following short videos show the protest gatherings of Mohammad Ali Taheri’s students in front of the notorious Evin prison in Iran.

His students have been trying to prove his innocence in any possible way since his arrest in 2011. They are desperately spreading the message and trying to reach out to important and influential persons to seek their help for stopping his imprisonment and the outrageous death sentence for a man who has committed no crime and has helped thousands of people live a better life. They have written many letters to the Leader of Iran, to head of judiciary, the parliament, the President, and other authorities explaining the positive effects of Taheri’s teachings on their lives in an attempt to clarify the false charges held against him.

Holding demonstration is another method they have been frequently using. Contrary to the Iranian law that permits such demonstrations, in effect they are crashed by the regime. However, despite all tight security measures and several arrests and crackdowns, many protests have been held in Iran since Dr. Taheri’s arrest.


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