Announcement of Erfan Halghe protest in Vancouver, Canada

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Source: Vatanam News


Following the announcement of the death sentence of Mohammad Taheri and concerns about losing him in jail and under torture, twenty-five August days in a demonstration loop consistent with the entourage of mysticism around the world at the same time in Vancouver, Canada by participating in a rally calling for seeing Muhammad Ali Taheri and his sentence was overturned.

The Halghe News in the wake of Sunday at the same time concerns demonstrations held in various countries in support of Muhammad Ali Taheri. Dozens of partners participating in the protests in Vancouver, Canada mystical ring with Muhammad Ali Taheri for public viewing and death sentence were overturned.

According to the report, a spokesman for Amnesty International also attended the rally listened to their words.

Demonstrators in both groups participated in the rally, a group that wants to see Muhammad Ali Taheri and those who were calling for the abolition of the death sentence and release him.

It is worth mentioning that on 25 August protests in Tehran, Isfahan and Frankfurt (Germany), Oslo (Norway), Stockholm (Sweden) and Hannover (Germany), Australia and Tvrntvr in Trondheim (Norway), held that the request The main slogan of the demonstrators Mohammad Ali Taheri was seen in some of the slogans of the protests has been the release of Mr. Taheri. However, others believe that some of the students, Mr. Taheri, last winter sun, he died under torture and hunger strikes. The Daily Telegraph also reported the death of Mr. Taheri article by some people who belong to the judiciary and the pressure on Mr. Taheri’s sister, has been denied.


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